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SME fleet driver in a subscription car

Car Subscription: It’s Neither Rental, Leasing Nor Ownership. So What Is It?

CYNICS may dismiss vehicle subscription as simply rental or leasing under a newer and perhaps more ‘hip’ name. However, while many of the resources required to deliver subscription may indeed come from established car manufacturers, franchised dealers and the leasing and daily rental companies, subscription customers don't see themselves as purchasing, leasing or even renting a…

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Equity release from SOGO from existing lease contracts

SME Fleets Can Swap To A Flexible Agreement With SOGO’s New Equity Release Service

SME FLEETS looking to change out of petrol and diesel vehicles early but find themselves stuck in long-term leasing arrangements should consider the latest offer from SOGO Mobility, called 'Equity Release'. The flexible subscription service provider is offering a buy out of current lease agreements in order for SME businesses to switch to electric vehicles. Commenting on…

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