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Transitioning a commercial vehicle fleet to electric requires careful planning

The Fleet Manager’s Dilemma

MANAGERs of light commercial vehicle fleets are in a bind. Finance directors have bought in to the total cost of ownership (TCO) benefit of fleet electrification; unfortunately, for the fleet manager, they’re expecting those savings instantly. On the other hand, their businesses depend on van transport and any loss in functionality could have disastrous consequences. To top it…

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fleet electrification

The Driving Forces Behind Fleet Electrification In The UK

THERE’S only really one topic on the SME fleet agenda at the moment: and that’s fleet electrification. Editor of, Ralph Morton, is in conversation with Mike Antich, Automotive Fleet Executive Editor, discussing the issues: Why there’s a rapid acceleration towards fleet electrification in the UK. What the current infrastructure looks like and its short-term…

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